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Methodes’s recruitment and selection practice, experienced advisors, is a unique search added value. Our methodology and solutions expertise is grounded in our deep and profound knowledge of human resources, recruitment and development consulting. This alliance allows us to carefully tailor each engagement with your future state as our primary objective.

Our approach to recruitment and selection is simple:

  • We help your company align talent strategy with business focus.
  • The foundation of a great recruitment and selection result centers on a depth understanding of company knowledge and cultural understanding
  • We help you build great exceptional teams through our ability to acquire great leadership capital
  • We strongly believe that nothing impacts the bottom line more than excellent talent
  • Mapping the whole market and selection of the best profiles that are available for open position, respecting Client’s needs and confidential information.

Stage I. Understand Context and the Surrounding

  • Profile the position, the need, the characteristics for “best fit”
  • Interview key persons with current and future state in mind
  • Deep understanding of strategy for the position and its deliverables

Stage II. Conduct the search: Profile the role and research candidates

  • Corporate overview and organizational structure
  • Corporate culture: Organizational personality, philosophy, traditions
  • Position details: Functional accountabilities and expectations
  • Character attributes: Personality and integrity
  • Background gathering
  • Target candidates
  • Reference/Background qualifications

Stage III. Present candidates and assist in selection

  • Prepare detailed candidate report (sample shown in appendix of the proposal)
  • Facilitate interviews and meetings
  • Coach client through selection and negotiation
  • Coordinate offer letter and compensation parameters
  • Close deal and begin assimilation process